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Enterprise Application Solutions that Emulate RealWorld Internet of Things(IoT), Big Data, Digital-twinning, uses Time & Space continuum methodology. The Core of the XIVIX design can interface to new and/or existing systems of Data. Subject matter experts(SME's) drive the design, not the developers. Some examples of Large scale designs Oil&Gas: fields, plants, facilities, Inventory, Flash modeling, Onshore/Offshore. EMS-Electric Power: Pipelines: even City parks and more can be emulated.
  • RealWorld Emulation, Enterprise Application Solutions
  • Analytics, True business intelligence
  • Production Accounting
  • SCADA, PLC's, RTU's, Oil&Gas
  • EMS - Electrical Power Automation
  • Pipeline Automation
  • Realtime & Historical Servers
  • Virtualization & Cloud based Solutions
  • Web, Ajax, Windows, Unix. Linux
  • IIoT made simple, (RPA) Robotic Process Automation
  • (SME) Subject Matter Expert Designers
  • Designers, Developers
  • Technical & Support Group Leads
  • Databases, PostgreSQL, Sybase, MSSQL Server... ODBC
  • clearSCADA, Unity Pro, PI, All Coding & Scripting Languages
  • Fortune 500 companies, Like Mobil, ExxonMobil, Shell, ARC Resources, Schneider-Electric
Tackling big problems
  • Emulate anything, interface to any data, Data can be anywhere
  • Strengthening digital capability for Industry & Government
  • Improving Industry & Government technology market.
  • Design policy with tech at the table
  • Real Life Emulation & Real life Intelligence, not just Artificial Intelligence
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